The Band

The Slight Exaggerations: a motley musical menagerie of feisty, fearsome, and unforgettable!

Dee Brust

fearsomedeeA veteran performer, Dee joyfully uses her voice and guitar to express the music and poetry she wades through each day.  An educator and mother of four, she rollicks in a life populated with children, teens, and elders, who she invites into a world of self-expression through the exploration of heritage, language, and whimsical sensibilities.  Performing with her husband and kids at the MN Renaissance Festival, with the Rumgumption Trio, in the Celtic/Americana duo SisterTree, and at schools, festivals, pubs, and bedtime, Dee is described in the Live Alive blog as “charming like a sprite in the early dawn, fresh with laughter, a beautiful voice, and generous with honesty..."

Kerri Joy


Kerri began taking Old-Time fiddle lessons at the age of eight in her hometown of Kalispell, Montana. From that point on, she knew that her life would revolve around music. Over the course of her 18-year musical career, Kerri has lent her voice and instrument to a wide variety of ensembles and has performed and recorded from Oregon to New York City, and as far afield as South Korea. Kerri has been living in the Twin Cities since the fall of 2012 and is happy to say that she has more projects and incredible people to play and perform with than ever before. The coming year's adventures will include performances with the Slight Exaggerations, SisterTree, Wookiefoot, and Useful Jenkins, recording projects with local filmmakers and electronic music producers, and a musical field trip to Ireland.

Matt Miller

mattWhen Matt felt the sound of the bass spread through his body and that rumblie hit him in the stomach he was hooked for life. Since that incident he has been dedicating his life to finding new music, learning from the masters, and teaching what he knows. His life's ambition is to understand many different styles of music and be able to transfer that knowledge to whomever is willing to listen. In college, Matt was introduced to Ethnic Dance Theater and was pulled into the traditional music world. He is currently a member of award winning Orkestar Bez Ime, Judith Eisners Klezmonium, and The Long Straight Forever. This is Matt's first foray into Americana folk music. 

Sherry Minnick

fearsomesherrySherry is lucky to have come from a singing family, not a famous nor fortunate one, just a nest of singers. She made her first recording in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, at the age of four, turned professional with "The Debonaires" at the age of 14, and sings on today. Living in the Twin Cities since 1974, Sherry has sung with a number of bluegrass and old-time bands, worked in several musical plays at The History Theater, and taught children's choirs for a total of 16 years. She has sung classic country, gospel, bluegrass, swing jazz, old-time, and British Isles.